Eco Blanker

In 1992 Arden Dies looked to expand their blanker range from the highly successful dedicated blanker, by creating an alternative that could be manufactured quickly and more cost-effectively, allowing our customers to respond to their changing market requirements.

After initial trials, and several design changes, the Eco Blanker has emerged to provide customers with more flexibility on tooling purchase. It combines reusable parts with a dedicated grid, enabling the customer to assemble, by purchasing a grid only; or recycle by purchasing a complete assembled Eco which could be re-used when the current job life has expired. Built onto an aluminium frame, the Eco Blanker is light in weight for ease-of-handling without compromising its strength.

The Eco blanker combines wood and steel to form a dedicated grid that attaches to a universal frame. It is designed to be economical through the use of standard parts on the frame. This reduces the amount of engineering work required – creating significant benefits for the customers.

The Eco Blanking system gives the strength, accuracy and flexibility of dedicated tooling. With its lightweight construction, it can usually be handled by one person. It saves time and is beneficial for carton manufacturers who currently use their own universals. The rigidity of the Eco system enhances machine performance by allowing higher machine speeds and straighter stacking in comparison with standard universals. The dedicated grid can be stored neatly within the top tool to minimise storage space, allowing the frames to be utilised.

Eco Blankers Arden Dies is experienced in the manufacture of blank separation tooling for all cut/crease machines. We are currently producing blankers for Bobst, Sanwa, Iberica and Wupa machines.

Eco Blanker Features

  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Re-usable and adjustable pile guides on universal frame
  • Quick set system for locating dedicated grids.
  • CAD designed grids for higher degrees of accuracy
  • C/line register
  • ER/CER compatibility
  • Top and bottom blanker registration system
  • Cost-effective compared to dedicated units

Top Blanker

Top blankers are designed to ensure the product nicks are efficiently separated over the lower blanking tool without damage to the product. The lightweight design should allow maximum airflow to prevent vacuuming occurring at high running speeds. For guttered jobs, a selection of clamping systems are available to ensure the skeletal waste is held securely whilst the blank is separated. For quick lock users, top blankers can be supplied ready for machine transfer. Arden Dies prides itself on its achievements, with a team of highly skilled engineers and programmers who liase with customers to ensure the best possible results are obtained – from the complexity of the laser cut steel grid through to the simplicity of the sheet blanker.