Reverse Scoring Systems

Product security, hygiene and ease-of-use are the key elements to consider when designing and converting packaging for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Through reverse scoring systems, Arden Dies offers conversion tooling solutions to ensure the key design elements are satisfied.

Reverse scoring is ideal for package opening devices (as an alternative to zipper tear systems), reverse glue assist score (to impregnate glued areas of cartons to aid adhesive bonding) and face scores (for reverse folding). As well as providing a more user-friendly format, reverse scored openings also protect products from contamination because the inner liner of the carton board remains completely sealed. This can incorporate a re-closure feature when opened which is commonly used for pour spouts.


As opposed to being chemically etched, the plates are machine milled by Marbach (Germany) to correspond with the die and anvil. This ensures a sharper scoring edge as well as helping ejection from the score plate. Anvils are inserted into the die to correspond exactly with the reverse scoring profile. Reverse scoring plates are located from the die to the cutting plate via a location pin system.

Alternatively an aperture can be programmed into the counter matrix and positioned manually. Both methods ensure exact alignment between die, anvil and reverse scoring plate. The depth of score penetration is based on the board thickness and grade. A minimum offset distance of 3mm is required between the face and reverse scores to aid on-press production. Arden Dies offers reverse score plates in strip form as a stock item, or in plate form for more complex designs. Arden Dies leads the field in reverse score applications helping to give your business the edge in productivity, design and quality.