Arden Dies offers technical support from the point of quotation onwards, which ensures our customers are made aware of any potential difficulties prior to the production process. Each project is reviewed by personnel who are qualified and experienced in all aspects of the cutting/crease process.

Our first observation determines if any special requirements are necessary or if any improvements can be made. This is an Arden Dies advantage, it is not simply a question of ‘can we make it’, but ‘can we improve it’.

Our sales and technical support managers spend a vast majority of their time assisting our customers with on-site technical support when required. This extends, not just to troubleshooting but also to advising on effiencies and economies. Skill, experience, technology and the highest level of technical support, are the qualities of Arden Dies.

These are the qualities we are constantly working to improve. The proof is in the product, Arden Dies is your advantage.Our total commitment to a better product is our customers guarantee of quality.


Quality is easy to quote, but hard to define. For Arden Dies the quality goal is a prime motivator. No matter how good we become, we can always improve, by revising our process, refining our methods and investing in skills. There is never room for complacency in the search for improvement.

The effects of quality are easier to define: efficiency, cost-effectiveness and most importantly - better quality products supplied to our customers. This is achieved through our technical expertise, through the latest manufacturing facilities and techniques, through our use of new and emerging technologies and through the highest level of service.