Web Fed Tooling

Through our world alliance, Arden Dies can supply a selection of alternative tooling to suit your web fed production. Die base materials like plywood are organic and are susceptible to the temperature and humidity variations when converting continually at high speeds.


The duramar die base material is made from a unique fibrous bonded material that is water jet cut exclusively by Marbach in Germany to provide high dimensional against temperature variations. As well as its ability to be re-ruled at least 5 times, duramar also has the advantage of being lighter in weight than steel bonded dies. For accurate carton blanks, Arden Dies recommends that steel counter plates are used in conjunction with duramar dies.

Steel Bonded Dies

Steel Bonded DieThe steel bonded die is constructed from two identical lasercut steel plates, which are aligned and spaced. The rule is inserted and an epoxy fluid is injected to fill the sandwich. The rules are removed when the epoxy has set, leaving channels for new knife insertion.

This construction ensures dimensional stability and a guaranteed long life through repeated re-rules.