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Arden’s waste wood transformed into biomass energy

Posted on: Tuesday, December 12th, 2023

The Arden Group has recycled 75 tonnes of waste wood during 2023 as part of our commitment to sustainability and green manufacturing.

This year, we launched a new initiative to recycle all the off-cuts of wood produced as part of our die-making operations. The waste wood is sent to another manufacturer and used as a fuel source to produce biomass energy, which is used to power a paper mill plant in Wales.

The stats are in for 2023, and we’re pleased to say that we’ve recycled 75.8 tonnes of waste wood throughout the course of this year.

John Fleming, Continuous Improvement and Quality Leader at Arden Dies, said: “The Arden Group is committed to being an environmentally conscious organisation and doing what we can to minimise our impact on the environment, so we’re always looking for ways we can introduce more sustainable and eco-friendly practices in our operations.

“We produce a lot of wood off-cuts in our lasering and stripping departments, but instead of letting it go to waste, it’s now recycled and used in the production of biomass energy, serving as a renewable and clean source of power for another manufacturing plant.

“Biomass energy produces significantly less carbon emissions than fossil fuels and this wood recycling initiative helps support our commitment to sustainability and greener manufacturing.”

Our wood recycling process is just one of our eco-friendly initiatives here at the Arden Group.

Our other green achievements include:

  • We were the first die-making and engraving company in the UK to achieve a coveted accreditation in recognition of our eco-friendly operations.
  • Banning plastic packaging in all our external tooling shipments to customers
  • Removing all chemical processes from our production
  • The majority of products we produce across our die-making and engraving divisions are between 80-100% recyclable.
  • Monitoring our energy usage and switching to LED lighting
  • Increasing our recycling capacity
  • Shutting down our machinery when not in use
  • Recycling our rubber off-cuts