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Speciality Products

Arden Dies provides a wide range of technical solutions designed to improve machine set-up times, increase machine throughput, and improve the quality of your finished product.

Pure Edge

Pure Edge gives you flawless visible edges on corrugated board when precision is paramount.

By replacing functional rubbering with steel, optimal compression of the corrugated board is achieved to provide perfect cutting with no dust or angel hair. And, with less wear and tear, more consistent results are achieved over long runs.

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Crease plate die

A perfect carton should have perfect folding mechanisms.

Traditionally, creasing rule is used to make carton folds, but creasing rule sometimes reaches its limits especially when absolute accuracy is crucial, or in carton designs which require multiple crease lines next to each other.

In these conditions, by using Marbach Crease Plate Dies, the creasing happens with highly precise CNC machined creasing plates, to provide extraordinary creasing results guaranteed.

This process improves dimensional fold accuracy and consistency, which ensures die-cut blanks are prepared optimally and carton glue line, carton erection and packing performance is improved.

Crease Plate also offers round cornered box design, not possible with conventional creasing applications.

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Mpower |+

Die-cutting without patching. Every press operator’s dream.

With the mpower|+ technology it is possible. You can save up to 90% of your set up time with mpower|+. At its heart is the special cutting rule, with its rounded edge, delivering perfect cutting results. mpower|+ is very robust system, using a specially developed laser-cutting process, knifing technique, rubbering and the magic sheet.

M-power cutting rule is a premium conversion blade, designed to enable cut/crease machine operatives to reach their cutting pressure quickly, without prematurely damaging the die life, reducing the die set time. Optimum results are achieved when used in conjunction with DZL and best practice operating set procedures. This combined approach delivers significantly improved die set times.

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MDSS storage

Good in-house logistics save you time.

The Marbach Die Storage System (MDSS) perfectly protects your tools using a readily accessible and retrievable modular system, which has the option of being extendable to accommodate different sizes of cassettes. The perfect storage solution.

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Marbanick allows operators to apply consistent nick widths and depth without having to remove rubbers from dies whilst on press.

A quick and accurate application tool for all conversion machine operators

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Marbanick 2

Marbach has upgraded its on-press nicking tool, within the introduction of Marbanick 2.

This system allows you to place three different width and depths of nicks into your cutting rules.

Placing a nick is simple, safe and controllable, giving you the greatest amount of flexibility and optimisation.

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Nick-breaking blanker

This system allows the blanking of small cards with a double knife without problems, including blister cards and credit card sized cards, amongst others.

In the nick-breaking tools, steel pins are positioned in the male blanker. These are placed in a way that the nicks can be accurately separated with precision, so the die-cut blanks fall vertically without twisting or tilting.

This ensures faster machine speeds in special applications with small cards without time-consuming machine stops, resulting in the blanks being separated securely and neatly.

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