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As the UK’s leading die maker we are proud to ensure that we are working in a sustainable and responsible manner.

As a family business, our people, our communities and our environment are the pillars that we operate our business within. Our philosophy is that we should never be standing still and we are always looking for ways to be a better business for future generations.

The Arden Group exists to enable our customers to push the boundaries of creative and sustainable packaging. The more we do this the stronger our company becomes, and the boundaries can be pushed further.

To share with you all the great things that we have created an annual Impacts report which can be read here.

Our Planet

The Arden Group is committed to being an environmentally conscious organisation and we strive to develop new and innovative ways to implement more sustainable and eco-friendly practices in our operations

We’re passionate about green manufacturing and as a key part of the supply chain for sustainable packaging, we’re committed to working with customers, suppliers and partners who share our ethos.

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Our People

What is special about Arden is that we are a family. Our business was created by one and remains as one. We may have now expanded across the globe, but the family still feels as close as ever, achieving more together. We care about our team and do everything we can to support it.

Arden has been built by the strength of our teams, both past and present, and to ensure our long-term success we must continue to invest in the teams of our future. Training and development is a priority for Arden.

Like all great companies, we strive to hire the best people to join the Arden Group. People who think the same as we do and who value our core beliefs of Teamwork, Excellence, Respect, and Innovation. We use them to focus on the important things that matter.

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Our Impact

Sustainability is what the Arden Group stands for today. Our role and conduct within our communities and our supply chain are the foundations to ensure the long-term success of the organisation and that our employees, communities, customers and suppliers are a part of the Arden family.

You can access our Code of Conduct Here

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