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Rillma creasing

The original pre-set creasing solution. Economical, accurate, durable and suitable for short to medium run lengths with a quick production turnaround.

Benefits at a glance

Steel counter plate creasing

The premium creasing product and essential for long run lengths and repeat orders.

Arden Dies has invested in state-of-the-art’ CNC milling technology, enabling us to bring this product to our customers within a price range to be considered for a wide range of packaging projects.

Available in varying hardness grades to suit your run lengths and board types for the ultimate crease.

Benefits at a glance

Reverse scoring

This product needs to be produced to the highest levels of tolerance to ensure a 50% cut on both the face and reverse of the sheet creates a clean and effective opening mechanism.

All our plates are produced in-house on one of our state-of-the-art CNC engraving machines, working in conjunction with our precision ground anvils.

We have varying rubber and lifter options to assist in the clear release of the sheet from the cutting plate; and all our RS plates are specifically dimensioned to reduce the amount of sheet resistance during the scoring process.

Benefits at a glance

Adjustable height anvil

Ensuring the correct balance between the face and reverse score is critical in achieving the optimal opening feature.

Being able to adjust the height of the anvil with the use of shims, allows the operator to fine tune the process in addition to the conventional tape method on the patch sheet.

Benefits at a glance