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Standard Cutting Die

All Arden’s standard cutting formes are produced from the highest-grade Finnish birch wood, providing excellent stability and accuracy.

Thanks to the very latest laser technologies and automated rule processing machinery, we can produce tooling to the highest degrees of accuracy, reducing your make-ready times – saving you money and resources.

We can supply specific rule types, tailored to the board you’re converting; add conventional and Braille embossing and ensure your tooling is supported by the precise rubbering specifications for optimal tooling performance.

Benefits at a glance


Known as ‘The Accurate One’. If your layout is complex, with high meterage, and you need accuracy for long running repeat work, then the Solidplate dieboard is the economical, entry level tooling for you.

Its dimensional stability is ideally suited to work alongside our high tolerance steel engraved counter-plates.

Sandwiched between two aluminium plates, this allows for fast and easy rubber exchange. This tooling will also hold its dimensional integrity with multiple inserts such as Braille and embossing.

Ideal for both Pharmaceutical and other similar complex layouts and can incorporate two panel Braille embossing, working with steel engraved counter-plate forces, which would not be possible with a standard wooden Multiplex die.

It’s a lighter alternative to many composite, sandwich or stabilised cutting dies in the marketplace.

Benefits at a glance


Known as ‘The Durable One’ – the Duramar is our premium cutting tool solution.

Made from a combination of fibre-reinforced plastics and steel sheets, this dieboard has exceptional dimensional stability and an extremely long lifespan. Thanks to its extreme durability, it isn’t susceptible to moisture so its core stability is never compromised.

If you’re looking for absolute precision on large format machines, then working in conjunction with our steel engraved plates, the Duramar dieboard is for you. It delivers the highest creasing quality and can be re-ruled up to five times.

Benefits at a glance


Ideal for dimensional stability, this tooling is an economical solution that’s compatible to use with Steel engraved creasing plates and offers additional accuracy on both regular and larger format layouts.

Benefits at a glance