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Arden Strip

This product merges both the revolutionary Speedstrip claws and the innovative Boxplan pins, to produce a hybrid stripping solution to optimise your waste stripping process.

Our upper and lower stripping units are lasered to the highest accuracy to ensure that there is perfect alignment between the two parts, which is critical to achieve perfect stripping results.

Benefits at a glance


A patented consumable product that is incorporated within the Arden Strip system. Arden Dies were actively involved with the initial testing of this product and have a wealth of understanding in its use.

The lower stripping board is lasered with slots into which each pin is clicked into place, reducing the need to bottom pin complex layouts.

Benefits at a glance


A robust and durable component which is incorporated within the Arden Strip system, working as an alternative restriction when converting tough Craft based and corrugated boards and optimising the dynamic stripping performance.

Benefits at a glance

Arden TPS (Top Plate Solution)

This product has a wooden plate which fixes the sheet to the female unit prior to the action of the stripping process.

Utilising an advanced clamping system, the sheet is held completely flat, which reduces trauma and delivers a more consistent stripping, with the upper clamp replacing the application of the foam pads.

Combined with Arden lifters on the female board this further enhances the stripping performance when the sheets stability is compromised by excessive areas of waste, warped sheets or poor-quality board.

Benefits at a glance

Arden UAFS (Under Action Frame System)

The system is a dedicated bottom stripping unit, using conventional telescopic pins fixed to a bespoke machined frame, which is fixed to the under-action pin frame of your machine.

The tooling is effective, where waste areas are very close together and the space required to set conventional bottom pins is restricted.

Designed as a pre-set bottom pin unit for complex layouts to save time in your PMR department, freeing up existing pin equipment making it ideal for dedicated use on repeat work.

Benefits at a glance

Arden Cluster Pins

The pins are set on a platform, which are fixed to your existing telescopic bottom pins.

Used when the areas of waste to be stripped are too close together to allow the fitting of conventional bottom pins on the lower frame unit.

Benefits at a glance